Graham Pascoe is a former senior planner and manager at Camden Council of some 25 years experience. Graham has exhibited diverse qualities in managing major development and rezoning applications and policy initiatives over this period.

Driven by facilitating balanced planning outcomes in complex statutory, political and community environments he has established a respected reputation as a passionate and pragmatic planner.

The experience he brings having largely guided the moulding of a rich rural country service centre with a nationally renowned heritage into a vibrant new urban community with a rural hinterland backdrop, enhanced natural systems and a cultural heritage over lay is unique.

During his professional career Graham has engaged in perpetual continuing education initiatives and continuing professional development and has addressed professional forums and tertiary, secondary and primary/infants students.

As such, he is equipped with "leading edge" skills to bring to projects at hand both directly and through the "import" of accredited specialists. His network of professional peers also enables him to assemble respected multidisciplinary teams and/or contribute to such teams as an integral team member.


  • Bachelor of Economics (Honours)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Local Government Management
  • Master of Letters (Human and Environmental Studies)
  • Associate Diploma in Business (Valuation)
  • Advanced Certificate in Property Agency
  • Certificate as Town and Country Planner (Ordinance 4)


Camden Council (1981 - 2005)
Positions Held:

  • Manager Outcomes
  • Manager Strategic Planner
  • Deputy Chief Town Planner
  • Assistant Town Planner


  • Corporate Member of Planning Institute of Australia
  • Member of the Institute of Australian Geographers


  • Former member of Local Government Town Planners Qualification Committee (Ministerial Appointment)


  • Greg Wright (General Manager - Camden Council)
    Phone: 4654 7777

  • Pat McNamarra and Phil Hayward (Lean & Hayward - Campbelltown)
    • Surveyors and Project Managers
      Phone: 4640 8222

  • Terry Goldacre (Harpak Principal)
    • Developers of Harrington Park Estate
    • Former UDIA President
      Phone: 0417 275 852

  • David Brown (Wentworth Brown Principal)
    • Urban Designer, Architect & Former RAIA President
      Phone: 9437 4955
  • John Mullane (Mullane Planning - Principal)
    • Town Planning Consutlant
      Phone: 0408 961 839

Professional Peers Associated With Recent Projects

  • Dr Danny Wiggins (Blinkhorn and Wiggins)
    • Consultant Town Planners
      Phone: 44 474 036

  • David Taylor (APP Corporation Pty Ltd)
    Phone: 9957 6211

Skills (General)

  • Visioning
  • Problem Identification
  • Listening and Directing / Problem Solving
  • Brokering Win / Win outcomes
  • Pragmatic policy application
  • Local Government liaison
  • Project Management

Skills (Specialist)

Environmental Planning

  • Land Capability Assessments
  • Constraints and opportunities mapping
  • Statements of Environmental Effects
  • Environmental Impact Statements
  • Statements of Evidence
  • Assessment and Review of Development Proposals / Works
  • Planning Instrument Preparation / Review
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Place Based Planning
  • Community Consultation
  • Land Management

Strategic Planning (Landuse)

  • Environmental Studies
  • Local Environmental Plans
  • Development Control Plans
  • Landuse Strategies
  • Structure Plans
  • Masterplans
  • Streetscape and Public Domain Design
  • Research and Specialist Policy Preparation
  • Sustainability Profiling
  • Infrastructure Funding
  • T-Maps
  • Mentoring/Professional Staff Development

Property Development

  • Site Identification
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Packaging and Management of Development (and rezoning) Applications
  • Project Management
  • Development Contributions

Corporate Planning

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Visioning
  • Outcomes Focussed Strategic Plan Development
  • Integration of Organisational Strategic and Operational Plans
  • Performance Measures
  • Reporting

Relevant Experience

Statutory Planning

Development Application for:

  • Town Centres
  • Neighbourhood Centres
  • Retail Bulky Good Super Centres
  • Industrial Estates
  • Comprehensive Residential Subdivisions (500-1000 lots as staged developments)
  • Rural Residential Subdivisions
  • Integrated Housing Developments (5-100 lots dwellings)
  • Medium Density Residential Developments
  • Dual Occupancy Developments
  • Heritage Precinct Infill Developments, Redevelopments and Adaptive Reuse Proposals
  • Retirement Villages

Strategic Planning (Landuse)

Plans for:

  • Town Centre Masterplans
  • Release Area Masterplans
  • Structure Plans
  • Developer Contribution Plans
  • Local Environmental Plans
  • Development Control Plans
  • Comprehensive Local Plans


  • Rural Lands Strategy
  • Residential Development Strategy
  • Integrated Land use/Transport Strategy
  • Economic Development Strategy
  • Retail/Commercial Hierarchies


  • Heritage Analysis and Development Guidelines
  • Rural Residential Development Guidelines
  • Natural Assets Policy
  • Bush Corridor Policy
  • Environmental Management Systems


Recent Project Experience (Council)


  • Elderslie and Spring Farm Urban Release Areas (6,000 allotments)
  • Harrington Park II / Mater Dei (1,000 allotments)
  • Narellan Township (Commercial consolidation / revitalisation, mixed use and residential redevelopment)
  • Central Hills (Residential Golf Course development)

Masterplans / Development Control Plans

  • Elderslie and Spring Farm Urban Release Areas (6,000 allotments)
  • Narellan Township (Commercial consolidation / revitalisation, mixed use and residential redevelopment - Enquiry by Design Process)
  • Camden Town Centre (Controlled development in a sensitive heritage precinct)
  • Carrington Centennial Trust (Major Aged Persons Complex)

Structure Plans

  • Local Government Area wide Landuse Structure Plan

Policies / Strategies / Studies

  • Natural Assets Policy
  • Salinity Strategy
  • Environmental Heritage Study
  • Rural Lands Study / Strategy

Conservation Management Plans

  • Gledswood Homestead
  • Harrington Park Homestead
  • Orielton Homestead
  • Studley Park House
  • St. Pauls, Cobbitty
  • St. Johns, Camden

Recent Project Experience In Private Consultancy

  • Team member preparation of Urban Design "Blueprint" and Development Control Plan - Eden (Bega Valley Shire Council and Eden Chamber of Commerce)
  • Planning Statements - Development Prospects Camden (Private Clients)
  • Review of Development Potential - Mount Annan District Centre and Leppington. (Private Client)
  • Preparation response to Planning Briefs - Wingecarribee and Great Lakes Shire Councils and South Dural (Private Client)
  • SEPP No. 10 (Low Cost Housing) submission - Liverpool Council. (Private Client)
  • Team member review of Minto Department of Housing Redevelopment (Campbelltown Council)
  • Team member submissions in respect of North West and South West Growth Centres. (Private Clients)
  • Wollondilly Industrial Lands Review - (Wollondilly Shire Council / MACROC)
  • Project Manager - Two Local Environmental Studies Wingecarribee Council (Moss Vale and Colo Vale)


Clients utilising the services of PPS cover a spectrum ranging from state government instrumentalities and regional planning organisations to private individuals and firms seeking professional advice.

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